Resistance bands

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Important : this product is not made from recycled materials. However, since this is a surplus that we had from another event, we consider that it is better to sell them than to produce new ones.

These elastic bands will allow you to do weight training or stretching. Two different resistances are available. The blue elastic offers medium resistance and the red elastic offers light resistance.

 * These elastic bands are not a loop


Red: 150cm x 15cm x 0.45mm

Blue: 150cm x 15cm x 0.55mm

Color :
Blue - (Medium resistance)
Red - (Light resistance)

Return policies

Our refund policy is active for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied after your first 30 days with your Altterre product we will gladly refund it. We will also pay for the return.

With every purchase, you will receive 12 weeks of training ideas and suggestions. We aim to help you on your fitness journey!
It is possible to bring your material outside but we do not not recommended water exposition. In addition, it is not recommended to use it for throwing exercises or to jump on it. Finally, we also advise against opening the bag since it can be very difficult to put the inner bag back in its envelope when removed.
Currently, most of our equipment is made mostly from recycled materials OR made with the most sustainable materials.
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