Altterre weighted discs

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We created the Altterre training accessories to improve the health of our planet and of humans at the same time. As the bag's weight comes from recycled sand, it offers an eco-friendly alternative to traditional accessories that use non-renewable materials.

This disc allows you to train at home with very little space or to take part in an outdoor training session.

Benefits of Altterre weighted discs:

  • Allows you to do explosive exercises such as throws and slams due to its physiognomy;
  • Excellent accessory for working on grip strength that is often underworked and lost with age;
  • Fits easily into your backpack to add extra difficulty to your hikes;
  • Stores easily and does not roll, no need for a stand to store it;
  • Can be use on any floor;
  • Can be use outdoor since it dries easily;
  • Allows a wide variety of exercises.


The outer bag of the Altterre disc is made from neoprene while the inner material is 100% recycled sand.

Bag size


Size Height Diameter Price*
(lbs) (cm) (cm) ($ CAD)

XSmall (4 lb) Pink

5 18 25

XSmall (4 lb) Yellow


5 18 25

Small (6 lb) 

5 24 30

Medium (8 lb) 

7 25 35

 *Plus applicable taxes


Bag care 

It is possible to bring your bag outside, but it is not recommended to expose it to water.


Exercises you can do with Altterre weighted discs