Altterre Pro serie bags

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The Pro serie bag is for people looking for a heavier and adjustable weight bag who is environmentally conscious. It was designed for intensive use and to allow the use of higher weights.

Unlike other training bags sold online, the Pro Serie bag will arrive at your home already filled. No need to go to the store to get the filling material : the bag is ready to be used.

The Medium bag (50 lbs*) includes:

  • The outer bag;

  • 2 internal bags of 25 lbs each.

*Possibility to train with a 25 and a 50 lbs bag.


The Large bag (75 lbs*) includes:

  • The outer bag;

  • 3 internal bags of 25 lbs  each.

*Possibility to train with a 25, 50 and 75 lbs bag.

The bags work well at full capacity or with one less internal bag. But, be aware that the use of only one internal bag in the Large bag is not optimal. 

For the Large bag, you also have the possibility to fill the internal bag up until 33 lbs at home for a total with of 100 lbs!

Technical sheet 

  • Made from 1000D cordura for maximum durability;
  • Filled with recycled sand;
  • The internal bags are lined and closed with double velcro.


Bag size


Size Lenght (cm)

Height (cm)

Price ($ CAD)
Medium (50 lbs)
Large (75 lbs) 91 66  170



Warranty and bag care 

The bags are guaranteed for one year of normal use. They are not designed to be slammed or dragged long distances and it is not recommended to expose it to water.