There are several benefits of training at home such as being able to train at your convenience and saving travel time.

What equipment do you need to set up your own gym?

It is possible to set up a small gym at home with very little equipment. For example, you could just keep a 10 'by 10' free space to train with only your bodyweight.

If you want to spice up your workout, the first step would probably be to equip yourself with a small portable sound system or a place to install a tablet. This will allow you to play music or follow a workout online.

If you want to take it a step further, the next step is to bring some free weights, such as training bags, dumbbells, or resistance bands. This will allow you to significantly increase the number of exercises you can do.

Finally, to complete your home gym, you could equip yourself with a workout bench and a storage system for hanging weights, bars and heavier equipment.

Equipement pour entrainement maison


Can I train outside?

What is greater than training outside? Obviously, we suggest that you keep your Altterre training bag dry but nothing prevents you from training in the grass, on a yoga mat or in the forest. In fact, training with a bag is an excellent addition to many outdoor sports, such as hiking, mountain biking or running.


Do I need a coach?

It is always best to consult a kinesiologist before starting a training program. We highly recommended to complete the following survey before committing to any form of physical activity.

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