What are the shipping fees?

Delivering packages that are big and heavy is expensive! But because we want to offer the best for you, we pay most of the shipping fees. We therefore offer a fixed price for small purchase :

  • Order of less than 49$ : $15 shipping fees
  • Order of 49$ and more : Free shipping

Those shipping fees are for Quebec, Ontario and New-Brunswick (Canada). 

If you are from Quebec City, it is also possible to pick up your order at our office. The option will be available when you complete your purchase.


What weights should I buy?

The weight(s) you should buy mostly depend on your level of fitness.

Here are some basic rules:

  • Ideally, you would need a minimum of 2 weights: One for the upper body exercises (lighter) and one for the lower body exercises (heavier). On the other hand, it is perfectly possible to use only one weight.
  • Most of the exercises with Altterre are done with 2 arms / 2 legs, so you might consider putting on a slightly heavier weight than you would typically put on.

Still unsure? Use our 2 questions questionnaire to help you with your decision:

1. When you do push-ups, how do you do them :

  •  I never do a push-up - start with 8 lbs bag
  • On the wall - start with 13 lbs bag
  • On my knees - start with 18/20 lbs bag
  • Knees up and 10 to 20 reps - start with 20/35 lbs bag
  • Knees up and 20 reps or more - start with 35/45 lbs bag.

2. When you do squats, how do you do them?

  • I never do squats during my workout -  start with 8 lbs bag
  • I do weightless squats and less than 20 reps - start with 13 lbs bag
  • I do weightless squats and over 20 reps - start with 18/20 lbs bag
  • I do jump squats - start with 20/35 lbs bag
  • I do burpees regularly -  start with 35/45 lbs bag.


    Is it made from 100 % recycled materials?

    The main goal is to make bags and other training material made from 100% recycled materials. So far, we have not yet succeeded since the bags are unfortunately made from new materials. The inner bag is made from recycled polyester and all interior material is made from recycled tires/sand. The rubber granules and recycled sandblast come from a local recycler.


    Can I train outside with my equipment?

    It is possible but since the material is not waterproof, we do not recommended to use it in humid conditions like morning dew, rain or in the water.


    What is the warranty?

    We offer a 2 years warranty for the training bags. Write to info@altterre.com if there is a problem with your order. 

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