Altterre was created to reconnect the world of fitness to nature, in a drive for positive change, a concern for balance and sustainable development.

Our objective

Our long term goal is to recycle 1,000,000 used tires and expand the range of products we produce.


The Altterre team believes in movement. That of the body, for good physical and psychological health, but also to social movements, which move things forward for the common good of individuals, communities and, more importantly, of the natural environment that supports all of our activities.


Altterre offers training accessories made from recycled rubber and recycled sand from sandblast, an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional accessories that use non-renewable materials. These accessories are ideal for starting training at home or adding variety to your regular workouts.


Beyond its products, Altterre brings together a community of proactive people and nature lovers who want to move more and get moving. Altterre offers members of its community guides and training plans that promote healthy relationships with physical activity and reconnect with nature. With Altterre, setting up a space and a workout routine at home as never been more refreshing and accessible!


We believe that the role of business is to work to improve our world. At Altterre, we want to improve people's health by promoting their well-being, connection to nature and balance in training. We also want to improve the health of the earth by promoting the circular economy, reuse and waste reduction.

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