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Whether you are a gym, coach, sports clinic, kinesiologist, school, distributor or other, we have the equipment you need.

Our bestseller, the Altterre training bag, is an easy to use and very versatile tool. So the same sports accessory, with a few varieties of weights, can be used as much for a beginner as for someone who already trains a lot.


One sandbag can be used to do more than 50 different exercises.


Our training bag is an inexpensive but really convenient choice for your business !

You need the most resistant
and ajustable weight sandbag ?

We got you with that !

Our Pro Serie sandbag is available in two sizes and comes with inner bags (two of 25 lb for the medium and three of 25 lb for the large).

Like our green sandbag, the Pro Serie have 6 handles. It allows you to do a wide range of movements

Have unique cork mats for your business

Add your logo or a personalized quotes on mats and even on yoga blocs. Tell us what you need and we do it !


This cork mat is perfect for workouts and for yoga sessions.

Why choose Altterre




▶︎   Quebec business


▶︎   2 years warranty on products


▶︎   Resistant products made with recycled                               materials / eco-friendly materials


▶︎   We have advantageous offers for organizations that order several products.



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