5 best reasons to strengthen your muscles


5 best reasons to strengthen your muscles

Strength training is a physical activity that consists of improving muscle strength and overall fitness by working specific muscles or muscle groups. This is achieved through exercises performed with free weights, machines or with your own body weight.

The principle is very simple: by subjecting a muscle to a load, it must adapt by becoming stronger.

Muscles can develop in two main ways:

Hypertrophy : muscle fibers get bigger and stronger. This occurs when you do relatively long sets;

Neurological improvements : the coordination between the muscles and the inside of the muscles improves. There is therefore a gain in strength, without an increase in muscle mass. This occurs with very short sets or explosive exercises.

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So, if we follow this logic, to gain muscle mass, we must train regularly and gradually increase the load.

If you believe that strength training is only for strong men or "body builders", think again! This type of training, done on a regular basis, has many advantages, regardless of age or physical level.

Here are some of them:

1. Strength training helps prevent age-related loss of muscle mass

In fact, several studies have shown that after the age of 30, the human body loses between 3% and 5% of its muscle mass per decade (sarcopenia, in medical jargon).

It would seem that doing as little as two 30-minute sessions of muscle strengthening per week would increase our ability to carry out our daily activities, our bone density and structure as well as our muscle strength. All this, without any negative impact!

2. Strength training increases our muscular strength and overall fitness

This benefit, although obvious, is extremely crucial! In fact, having a certain amount of muscular strength greatly facilitates various daily tasks. Whether it's carrying our groceries, picking up a child, opening a jar of jam or lifting a heavy load, these are all actions that require muscle strength.

3. Strength training burns calories

While we believe that training of any kind should not be done with weight loss as the primary motive, it is good to know that strength training requires energy during training. In addition, strength training allows you to burn extra calories during the hours following your workout!

This phenomenon, called post-exercise oxygen consumption excess, allows our body to continue to burn calories after the workout, during the cool-down period.

Although this phenomenon applies to most types of physical activity, strength training, performed at moderate to high intensity, would significantly increase post-exercise oxygen consumption.

4. Strength training improves our body mechanics

Strengthening muscle is said to have benefits for balance, coordination and posture. All of this contributes greatly to the improvement of our overall physical condition and therefore, to the ease with which we can perform our daily activities.

On the other hand, having better body mechanics also allows us to reduce our risk of injury considerably. In fact, a simple muscle imbalance can lead to major injuries. It is therefore important to work the majority of our muscle groups in a balanced manner.

5. Strength training increases our energy level and improves our mental health

Actually, the type of physical activity doesn't really matter to increase our energy level and improve our mental health since it all increases the production of endorphins, the happiness hormone. In fact, whether it's a walk in the woods or a cross-fit session, all means are good!

However, recent studies have shown that strength training has more positive effects on the brain!

How do I get started?

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Unsure of the type of exercises and the number of reps to perform? We invite you to read the article by Daniel Riou, kinesiologist, How many reps to do in weight training?

Have a good workout!

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