Three 20 minutes workouts to keep you in shape


January 7th, 2022

Three 20 minutes workouts to keep you in shape

Did you promise yourself you would start the gym in the beginning of january as a new year resolution ? And then, gyms are closed in Quebec for an indeterminate time and you don't know what to do ?

It is not always easy to keep working out at home, but we wanted to give you 3 quick and simple training to do with only one equipment : A training bag.

Cardio + abs (HIIT)

For each 6 exercises, do 40 seconds of effort, 20 seconds of break (x3 series)

1. Run in place (with or without sandbag)

Put the training bag on the shoulders or hold it in front of you. The weight will add a difficulty to this cardio exercises.

2. Mountain climber

In a Plank position - Bend one leg bringing the knee towards the elbow - In a dynamic movement, change legs.

3. Squat jack

Standing, feet together, jump to open your feet shoulder width apart - Go down in a squat, go up and down with the weight - Jump to go up by joining the feet.

4. Skater jump

Jump on one leg on one side and the other of the Altterre - Stabilize your body before jumping

5. Plank drawn

Plank position - Pull the Altterre on the left side then on the right side

6. Russian twist

Sitting position (lift the feet for more effort) - Rotation in the shoulders and upper back (not in the lower back).

Upper body workout

For each 4 exercises, you can to 8 to 12 repetitions x 3 series.

1. Dips

Hands on the Altterre (or on a chair), shoulder width apart. Go down by bending your elbows, keep your back straight.

2. Vertical tirade

Raise the Altterre towards the chin. Elbows do not exceed shoulder height.

3. Bench

You can do this exercises lying down or on a bench. Feet flat on the ground.

4. Biceps curl

Elbows along the body and keep a straight back.

Lower body workout

For each 4 exercises, you can to 8 to 12 repetitions x 3 series.

1. Squat

Feet hip width, Altterre at the back of the neck. Go down as if you wanted to sit on a chair. Keep knees and toes aligned. For less difficulty, you can sit on a chair and then get up. For more difficulty, you can do jump squats with the sandbag.

2. Deadlift

Keep a straight back and shoulders in neutral position. For more difficulty, it is possible to do it with one leg.

3. Lunges

With your feets hip width and Altterre on the back of the neck, go down vertically to obtain an angle of 90 degrees at both knees.

4. Bridge

With your feets flat on the ground near the glutes, lift the pelvis by pushing in the heels and contract the glutes.

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